Book Review: "Wear No Evil" by Greta Eagan

Hi everyone! Today I have a little something different for you... It's a review of one of my new favorite books: Greta Eagan's Wear No Evil.

This is an excellent style manual for anyone looking to improve the ethicality of their wardrobe. Rather than just focusing on the problems we're facing in today's fashion world, Eagan presents a personalized approach to making eco-conscious, socially responsible choices within your own style guidelines and budget. In addition to outlining the various social and environmental initiatives surrounding eco-fashion, she explains how to assess the sustainability of a given garment according to your own set of standards. Her book is chock full of useful charts (a total treat for my inner nerd!) featuring standard wardrobe staples and their ethical alternatives, so you can work within your budget and replace items at your own pace.

Whether you're ready to jump in whole-hog or just curious enough to get your feet wet, Eagan's book is a can't-miss for anyone interested in the future of clothing production and style.

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