Around NYC: Downtown

Every once in a while, it's important to be reminded of everything your hometown has to offer -- and when you live in New York City, that's a lot of "everything."

So when a dear friend of mine (from my original hometown) came to visit last week, I had a blast showing her what I've discovered around the city so far -- and finding more surprises along the way, of course! Since I finally remembered to take my camera with me, so I was able to document some of our adventures. Mostly this involved me getting snap-happy in my two favorite New York wander zones: Greenwich Village and Midtown East.

Today I'm sharing the downtown shots. Uptown's next, and I'll link that here later. Enjoy!

apartments on Jane St.

found flower, outside Grace Church

floral display at Washington Square Park

7th & Barrow St

puppies in W. Village pet shop

pattern play

Magnolia Bakery...

...and resulting goodies!

"Hold my hand and we're halfway there..."

Bowie memorial in Soho

Washington Square Park, northeast entrance

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