Summer Capsule 2016 - Lookbook Video

Well, I finally carved out some time to film, edit, and post my next capsule lookbook... and here it is!

Making the transition from spring to summer (my first in NYC) was not easy. In Seattle I could get away with wearing a few of my favorite things -- knee boots, skinny jeans, and leather jackets -- almost year-round. While you'll see a few of those items featured in this video, they haven't made too many journeys out of my closet since June. I'm considering this capsule somewhat of an experiment, and next year I'll be better prepared to stock up on shorts, sleeveless dresses, and sandals. At any rate, I'm thoroughly enjoying my latest, most surprising new accessory: a suntan!!

Summer has never been my favorite season. Even during the school years I was the introvert tucked away in her bedroom with a stack of library books, counting down the hours til the first day of class. New York has allowed for a lot more spontaneous social occasions, and because my worklife no longer revolves around an office, I'm actually spending more of my day in the sun. Still, I have to admit my focus for this capsule centered less on fashion and more on function. The real name of the game here was: What Will a) Help Me Escape A Flash Thunderstorm and b) Cause The Least Amount Of Subway-Sweat?

You'll notice that many pieces from my spring capsule carried over into this season. The rest of the 24 items were pre-owned (or swapped) pieces pulled from storage, with the exception of my denim jacket and the gray sequined stripe tee featured at the end of this video. In accordance with my oft-referenced goal to refrain from brand-new purchases this year, these two extras were acquired secondhand.

One thing I wanted to focus on this year was truly wearing out the clothing I already own. At this point I honestly can't say which is more exciting: finding an acquiescent hole in an item I've been wanting to replace or discovering how well my favorite garments have held up over the year. The denim cut-offs, for instance, were fashioned from a pair of jeans purchased by my mom in the early 90s. The denim from that time was far more durable, and I'm happy to report they've survived the washing machine for two summers now. With any luck, I'll enjoy them for many more to come!

Again, I had a blast making this video. I really hope you enjoy it!

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