Fall Capsule 2016 - Lookbook Video

November greetings, everyone! Today I'm excited to share the third installment of my capsule wardrobe lookbook video series.

While I had tons of fun filming this, I'd admittedly been procrastinating on it due to some recent changes in my wardrobe structure. As described in my last post, I recently took on a second job as a restaurant hostess in addition to nannying. This has given me a greater sense of balance in my day-to-day life while I work toward acting projects, but it meant compiling a whole new set of work outfits!

Lucky for me, the nicer, chicer elements of my weekend wardrobe (i.e. fitted blazers, tailored pants, and pencil skirts) fit that niche perfectly. I pulled these elements into a new, additional work capsule wardrobe, filled in one or two missing elements with some consignment store finds, and voila!: I am now the proud owner of not just two, but three capsule wardrobes.

I know. Sounds a little crazy. But I promise you, it works!

If you'd like to see the contents of these work wardrobes alongside my weekend stuff in future lookbooks, let me know in the comments! As I see it, my weekend wear continues to be the most honest, personality-based portion of my closet, so that's why I've given it focus thus far.

Now, onto this capsule...

Oh what a joy it was to rediscover my sweaters, boots, and jackets -- most of which had been stashed away since last spring, hiding from New York's oppressive humidity. For the fall season I wanted to focus on incorporating my most unique pieces and better honor my favorite part of fashion: mixing the unexpected. Of course this meant a good deal of creative layering (it's fall, so duh) and obsessively* running through previously unexplored item combinations. In prepping outfits, I found myself toeing that maddening line between "I could totally be in a Vogue magazine right now" and "A thrift store just vomited all over me."

October marked a full year of purchasing only secondhand or otherwise eco-conscious items, and I'm proud to report I've persisted another month now without the pressure to buy anything new. (One exception is a pair of tights that were on their last leg, so to speak. After a year of research, I'm still on the hunt for eco-conscious hosiery and supportive bras. Got any leads?)

Of the 22 items featured here, about 60% were acquired secondhand (some recently and some not.) The others are new purchases from the days before I started this project, but the majority of this category is at least 3 years old. I've been doing seasonal check-ins to evaluate my closet's eco-score, and it's exciting to see the percentage of conscious choices on the rise! That said, I'm still working to keep my overall numbers down. The city's extensive variety of thrifting options is a constant temptation for this girl!

Like many of you, fall is my favorite season, and I'm greatly looking forward to riding that holiday wave (all the way home to the west coast!) with this collection. Then it's on to the final and most challenging installment: WINTER.

*P.S. - When I say obsessive, I'm not kidding -- I developed a kind of master spreadsheet which details each potential layering option per piece. I couldn't help but think I'd reached new levels of neuroticism, but it's actually been a useful tool on those days when I'm rushing out the door.

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