Spring Playlist 2017

How's it going, world? It's been a busy, social springtime over here, complete with lots of new outfit inspiration and new tunes to boot! I'm a little late in posting this, so I've actually spent a solid two months with this playlist already. The good news is, I still can't get enough of it.

Let's get one thing out of the way: While I'm probably way late to the HAIM party, I have finally arrived, and they've sent me out of my ever-loving mind! The two tracks I've included here are my personal favorites so far, but it's probably safe to say you can expect more in the near future. In my mind, they are the lovechildren of The Bangles and Fleetwood Mac, tempered with the fashion sense of all my favorite babysitters. Totally rad.

Another sister band, Joseph, came to me by recommendation of a dear friend. Watching their Tiny Desk concert with NPR, I was instantly drawn to their lovely harmonies, soulful performance, and the satisfying stomp-fest that is "White Flag." It's definitely an appropriate song for the times, because you just never know what our certifiably insane president is going to make us protest next. Can you hear me, indeed.

St. Lucia and Walk the Moon... I don't know how to explain these except I guess my itch for synthy 80s-style dance jams will never fully be scratched? Panama Wedding's "Into Focus" is the true star of this little sideshow. I haven't been able to get this song out of my head for months now.

With the exception of a few chill-downs, this playlist is kind of a banger. I hadn't intended that, but I it's probably perfect for my energy-starved brain right now. Bring on the grooves.

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