January 2021 Outfit Roundup (Part 1)

Hello all! I'm diving back in to sharing outfit photos again! This is exciting for me, as I haven't brought attention to this area of my creative life since late 2017. Of course, during that time, I've still been getting dressed; I'm still thrifting primarily and avoiding fast-fashion as best I can. But sharing it here, beyond my day-to-day, always brings me extra joy, and over the years, I found myself missing this outlet a great deal. These outfits are posted on Instagram (@inspirsession) daily, but I also wanted to share them here for those who choose not to engage with social media platforms.

You can expect to see two outfit posts per month, one for the first half and one for the second. The first half of this particular month is shifted slightly, as I came up somewhat short in terms of content. This is due to my taking a pause for a few days in light of the attempted coup at the US Capitol. I've spent the majority of my time on this blog ignoring current events in favor of escaping into my creative outlets. While I consider such moments of escape somewhat necessary -- particularly in the midst of the past four years -- I am coming to realize the inherent privilege in "escaping" from circumstances that to other people are everyday realities. 2020 offered us a reckoning in so many ways, and I'm glad for the time to reflect on my personal values & responsibilities in the midst of my creative efforts.

Below each photo you'll find a little blurb about the outfit contents and/or their inspiration. This is may include prompts and origin-credits for IG-hosted outfit challenges or just space for me to wax poetic about a newly thrifted garment. (You know me!) On a personal level, these notes help me continually evaluate my wardrobe in terms of its sustainability factor -- am I putting my money where my mouth is and avoiding buying new fast fashion? Are the majority of my pieces secondhand? Am I accepting too many gifts? (A word on "gift" items -- these are not sponsored, company-provided products, but rather actual gifts from friends and family members -- mostly my mom!) This space has never run on sponsorship, and you'll certainly know when and if it ever does.

Finally, you'll see pieces repeated here quite often, as I strive to keep a moderately substantial yet frequently-worn closet. I'm not operating under the monthly or four-season capsule wardrobe structure any longer, but I am currently keeping about a third of my clothes in storage, to be swapped out in mid-spring. The other two-thirds include my fall/winter pieces and my year-round basics, both of which are currently in rotation.

Without further adieu, I hope you enjoy this little review of my January wardrobe, part one!


inner: Stranger Things graphic tee / Target (new) / 100% cotton
outer: brown longline ribbed cardigan / Max Studio (gift) / 100% merino wool
bottom: black high-waist trousers / Wilfred (thrifted)

I hmm-ed and haw-ed a long while over the perfect graphic tee. Mostly I couldn't decide what I loved enough to essentially advertise on my own body. (I'd be a horrible candidate for a tattoo.) I'm glad to see more retailers like Target eschewing polyester blends in favor of full cotton, but it doesn't excuse the fact that this was a fast-fashion indulgence. Later I found an alternative graphic tee option on Poshmark, which I'm sure you'll see on here later. It was a good reminder to live by my own mantra: "secondhand first"!

top: puff-sleeve tee blouse / Banana Republic (thrifted)
bottom: navy floral skirt / unknown (thrifted)
shoes: Russian Pointe (new)

You can't see them in this pic, but I wore my pointe shoes for this whimsical shot! It's always a bittersweet experience re-discovering something you loved but no longer practice. I have dreams of taking a dance class again, post-pandemic. 


dress: russet corduroy jumper / Forever 21 (thrifted)
top: mustard ribbed tee / Uniqlo (thrifted)
shoes: brown combat boot / Täōs (gift)

I just love how this look turned out! Long live 60s style! (P.S. Did anyone else run out and buy a newsboy cap as soon as they saw one on Mimi in Rent? Yes, I am that mid-00s-era theater kid. And yes, I've had this hat half my life!)


top: olive crop sweater / TSE Cashmere (thrifted)
bottom: houndstooth ankle trousers / Banana Republic (gift)
glasses: cognac d-frames / Persol (found)

This medium-weight cropped cashmere sweater has been an absolute staple since I purchased it 3-4 years ago. If you're seeking a "perfect" sweater of your own, I guess my guidelines would be: somewhat oversized, in a quality fabric (wool, cashmere, sturdy cotton, etc. - nothing synthetic), in a shade that matches your eye color!

 inner: brown striped tee / Theory (thrifted)
outer: navy plaid tunic / Zara (thrifted)
bottom: beige wide-leg pants / Old Navy (swapped) / cotton-linen blend
For those of us spending a lot of time hunched over the computer at home these days, a comfortable waistband is essential. This look was my compromise between getting dressed and staying in my pjs.


dress: coral wrap / Pact (new) / 100% organic cotton, fair-trade
socks: Fair Isle knee-highs / Pact (gift) / 100% organic cotton, fair-trade
shoes: chocolate knee boots / Frye (thrifted)
After the events at the Capitol, I was feeling inspired to wear something truly humanitarian. I challenged myself to style up a fully fair-trade outfit, and it was eye-opening to see how far I still have to go in prioritizing sustainable brands. Luckily, Pact came through! I mostly rely on them for underwear and socks, but I can't speak highly enough of their commitment to fair-trade and organic cotton production.


dress: russet polka-dot midi / Nanette (gift)
outer: ivory cable-knit cardigan / Banana Republic (found) / 100% wool
shoes: brown combat boot / Täōs (gift)

This outfit was inspired by one of my newly-discovered Instagram follows, @acjarrett. She coined the hashtag #grungegrandma to describe this look, and I was more than happy to participate. Grunge-grandma is very much part of my aesthetic!


inner: cream lace tee / Abound (new)
outer: crop chambray shirt / Alice & Olivia (thrifted)
bottom: ice blue mesh skirt / Zara (hand-me-down)
tights: taupe / Hue (thrifted)
socks: blue pattern / Pendleton (gifted)
shoes: tan ankle boots / Born (hand-me-down)
belt: cognac & gold wide / unknown (thrifted)
scarf: light blue silk / unknown (thrifted)

I called this look "Cowboy Cinderella." It came together quite organically. I wondered if the blue shirt and skirt would fly together. They certainly did.


inner: taupe pinstripe tee blouse / Jones New York (new)
outer: soft green herringbone jacket / Ralph Lauren (thrifted)
bottom: army green skinny jeans / Loft (swapped)
shoes: tan ankle boots / Born (hand-me-down)

This was another "I wonder if these two greens will go together..." concept. I'm absolutely in love with this jacket, even though it's admittedly a touch too big for me.


inner: pink turtleneck / Free People (hand-me-down)
dress: maroon maxi wrap dress / Maurice's (thrifted)
stockings: cognac / unknown (upcycled tights)
shoes: brown combat boot / Täōs (gift)
hat: brown felt / unknown (thrifted)

As someone who really digs a true color match, I feel like this look would be been enhanced with a turtleneck on the same shade of blue as the flowers on the dress. Especially since the stockings are such a straight match with other elements of the floral pattern. But as far as winterizing a warm-weather dress, this got the job done!

See you soon for January Part 2!

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