February 2021 #wearitlike_challenge Outfits (Part 1)

Happy post-Valentine's Day everyone! This is usually a busy time for me, what with Val Day just a week after my partner's birthday, then my own after that. Occasionally family visits during the long weekend. Usually Restaurant Week is happening as well, and it also happens to be the shortest month of the year to top it off! Somehow, even not having returned to restaurant life yet and with the pandemic keeping me around the apartment, I'm *still* busy during this time. So I'm taking my typical 2/15 breather to enjoy a slice of cake and get all my ducks in a row for the remainder of the month. Including sharing these photos with you!

The #wearitlike_challenge was born from an idea I saw on Reddit, to research and dress like favorite television characters on one's birthday month. I expanded this out to include movie characters, made a list, and refined it all through January. At the start of the month, I opened up the challenge to my IG community, encouraging others to "wear it like" the character of the day, and while there's definitely been more observation than participation, I'm having a blast living out all my fashion icon fantasies! For a few characters I couldn't help myself and created more than one look.

Below you'll see the first ten characters of the challenge, and I'll be back with the remaining ten at month's end. If style challenges are something that interest you, check out my Instagram profile for more details! (Specifically under the "Challenge" button in my highlights.)

02.01.2021: Jenna Rink (13 Going on 30)

inner: cream slip / unknown (hand-me-down vintage)
outer: beige topcoat / Kenneth Cole (new)
shoes: black stiletto sandals / Guess (gift)
necklace: peach gemstone bib / unknown 
02.02.2021: Midge Maisel (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel)

 dress: green floral print / H&M (new)
cardigan: white beaded / B.Altman's (thrifted vintage)
shoes: black pumps / Ravel (hand-me-down-vintage)
gloves: unknown (hand-me-down)
purse: black clutch / BP (new)

02.04.2021: David Rose (Schitt's Creek)

inner: black tee / H&M (hand-me-down)
outer: black & white vestigan / Sans Souchi (hand-me-down)
bottom: black joggers / Old Navy (gift)
shoes: black platform sneakers / Janet Sport (new)

inner: black & white striped sweater / Scotland Cashmere (thrifted)
bottom: black skinny jeans / J.Brand (new)

inner: white blouse / Banana Republic (thrifted)
outer: black merino sweater / APC (thrifted)
bottom: houndstooth trousers / Banana Republic (new)
shoes: black brogues / Born (new)

dress: black hi-lo / Yala (thrifted)
outer: black blazer / J.Crew (hand-me-down)

inner: black cashmere sweater / Brooks Brothers (thrifted)
bottom: black skirt / H&M (swapped) & black pants / DKNY (gift)
shoes: black sneakers / Converse
sunglasses: Ray-Ban (new)
scarf: black cashmere / Nordstrom (gift)
02.05.2021: Jessa Johansson (Girls)
 dress: maroon floral maxi / Maurice’s (thrifted)
outer: ivory cable-knit cardigan / Banana Republic (found)
bralette: white lace / Free People (thrifted)
shoes: cream espadrilles / Soludos (thrifted)
all jewelry: unknown (gifts)
02.06.2021: Denise Huxtable (The Cosby Show)

inner 1: leopard print mock neck tank / unknown (gift) 
inner 2: taupe pinstripe tee blouse / Jones New York (new)
outer: cognac houndstooth blazer / Sabrina’s (thrifted vintage)
bottom: black high-waist trousers / Wilfred (thrifted)
socks: burgundy glitter / Bombas (gift)
scarf: brown silk print / unknown (swapped)
belt: unknown (hand-me-down vintage)
bracelets: friendship (handmade), brown leather (gift) 
02.08.2021: Allison Reynolds (The Breakfast Club)
inner 1 (not pictured): white eyelet cropped tank blouse / Old Navy (new, upcycled)
inner 2 (not pictured): navy & chocolate striped tee / Theory (thrifted
inner 3: forest green men’s sweater / Eddie Bauer (hand-me-down)
outer: drab olive parka / Chinese Laundry (hand-me-down)
bottom 1: black a-line skirt / H&M (swapped)
bottom 2: charcoal leggings / matty m (new)
socks: cashmere knit / unknown (gift)
scarf: blue silk printed / unknown (thrifted)
shoes: black low-tops / Converse (found)
02.09.2021: Josie Packard (Twin Peaks)

 dress: black tuxedo / New Classics (gift, vintage)
tights: black floral net / Hue (new)
shoes: black pumps / Ravel (hand-me-down vintage)
02.11.2021: Nancy Wheeler (Stranger Things)

inner: pink tank blouse / Uniqlo (thrifted)
outer: beige cardigan / J.Crew (thrifted)
bottom: pale blue mesh skirt / Zara (hand-me-down)
tights: taupe / Hue (thrifted)
shoes: cognac oxfords / Coach (thrifted)
bag: brown satchel / Fossil (thrifted)
02.12.2021: Rachel Green (Friends)



top: black turtleneck / Cuddlduds (new)
bottom: sky blue mini skirt / Divided (thrifted)
shoes: black suede boots / Frye (thrifted)
inner: white crop tee / Express (new)
outer: navy plaid tunic / Zara (thrifted)
bottom: lighkinny cargos / Loft (swapped)
shoes: black cork wedges / Børn (new)
top: light blue button-up / Old Navy (new)
bottom: black pinstripe trousers / unknown (hand-me-down)
shoes: (same from 1)
top: cream floral blouse / American Eagle (gift)
bottom: charcoal skirt / unknown (thrifted)
shoes: chocolate knee boots / Frye (thrifted)
02.13.2021: Lisa Carol Fremont (Rear Window)

inner: black silky tank / Banana Republic (hand-me-down) 
outer: green tweed jacket / Ralph Lauren (thrifted) 
bottom: charcoal pencil skirt / unknown (thrifted) 
shoes: black pumps / Ravel (hand-me-down vintage) 
scarf: black silk / unknown (hand-me-down vintage)   

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