American Psycho

Tonight I'm celebrating my American-ness, just so I get it outta my system before I rekindle my love for all things Brit. Appropriately inspired by Christian Bale (AMERICAN Psycho), I spent the last fifteen minutes dancing around in my new oxford shoes drinking a bottle of lime flavoured (< oh, how British!) mineral water with Johnny Cash. Not WITH Johnny Cash (I wish!), but with his lovely voice coming outta my computer. Now I'm going down the street to get some Dick's food for a fast food finale. Rarely do I get this kind of fast food -- it's sort of ridiculous that this is my American send off for myself, buuuuuuuuuuuuut.... !!


I feel so grateful for having people in my life who DO inspire me. Shamefully, it rarely occurs to me that I have the best friends in the whole world. Half the time I try to convince myself I'm my own person and I don't need anybody -- but that's just not true. The two things that make me happier than anything on this earth (aside from organizing things) are friendship and love. 
Most every person I talked to today made me feel better about myself -- be it about locating my passions, verifying my permission to adventure, sharing my interests, approving my sense of justice, or complimenting my sensitivity. I wish I could properly thank the people who've stuck by my side for so much of my life, but it's hard to find the right words. I truly can't imagine life without you anymore.

To Dick's burgers and Terrence Malick films, to queer study and jumping off docks, to oversea adventures and words that mean I love you.... thank you. I love you too.

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