Woe is me.

So. My beloved Macbook Pro (which I might mention I bought mere months ago as a replacement for my still more beloved black '08 Macbook) has decided it's through with my long days of list making and excursion planning and now won't let me past its gray starter screen.

As you can imagine I'm more than slightly peaky this morning.

I freak out. I'm a freaker-outer by nature. I'm not sure which side of the family it stems from -- probably from both. My maternal relatives are anxious people and my paternal relatives are a little obsessive. Hence, I am an obsessive worrier. I'm trying to remind myself that my experiences are not defined by my technology. That I can print my boarding pass from work and my passport is not digital, thank god. Those are really the only two things I need to leave this country...but I'd sure like the comfort of knowing it's multi accessible. Not to mention be able to contact the people I care about back home. With the best luck this problem will be far behind me in a matter of days. With the worse luck, I will be going to England sans laptop -- or at least sans mine.

Why does technology dictate our lives? Seem to determine our happiness? Become capable of initiating stomach ulcers? Not so far gone are the days when all that mattered was that my hard copy of "Nice Mice: A Story about A Girl and Her Pets" was safe and sound on my beside table (so that I might grab it if there was a fire, of course, as it was a destined best-seller...) There was a time when that extra weight in my back might've been an extra pair of shoes, or a good book, rather than El Laptop: Controller of the Universe.

It's nice that technology has allowed me to have a blog like this one -- to communicate to whatever audience it is I'm communicating to. But is it worth the headaches, the gut-squelching moments of panic, the tears, the red eyes, the stagnant-ass muscle loss, AND the exhaustion?

Just a thought.

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