July C -- better late than never again!

Boy it's been some time! This month my inspirsessions are in radical UK sway -- it's finally here! In one week and a few hours I'll be on the plane to Scotland to begin my fabulous adventures. It's been a great planning process, and, of course, fashion has figured prominently into my planning.... 
Emma Watson's reentered my life as an idol, what with the bittersweet ending of all things Harry. She looks amazing in this ad (as usual), which I'm assuming is for Burberry, and guess who just bought a similar coat merely by happenstance? That'd be this girl. These Dansko oxfords I haven't totally fallen in love with yet (they kinda look like nurse shoes...), but at least they're comfy and can pass the Euro look. I've got DC on the brain, what with Jay kicking some Shakespearean ass there. He has also turned me on to white roses. :) Perhaps as a result of having birds on the brain, I keep having Eurydice flashbacks, and the color aqua's taken a strangely permanent stance in my color palette. It's a happy surprise that I can pull the color off, since my mother hates it. Since I'm only in the lovely "greenhouse" for another week I've become a true minimalist (tightwad?) in the realm of food. Granny Smiths are keepin' me smiling and full of fiber. 

I CAN'T WAIT!!! Next week (if I'm able to keep up with myself) I will actually be able to take inspirsessions off the streets of Edinburgh. BAAAAH!!!

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