Complaining Jane.

Hi -- whoever,

Tomorrow is orientation over at the school. Today I spent a really long day begging and bargaining for hangers. As I suspected might happen, the dry cleaner people and department store attendants looked at me like I was speaking Martian when I asked if they had any extras lying around that I might take off their hands. (I did offer to buy them too!) It took the woman at M&S three times my saying that for her even to direct me to the hangers in their store. In any case, I couldn't bear to spend £10 on cheap plastic that would just end up in a landfill in 3 months, so I tried hitting up the thrift shops. No luck. It's weird, but I can't seem to track down any any decently-stocked secondhand stores around London. Do British people not recycle their old things too? Perhaps they just throw away less...

I finally stooped to buying a pack of ten for £5 at somewhere akin to Macy's, but afterward found a pack of six for £1.50 at a pound shop and will be returning the £5 ones with my H&M pieces tomorrow. (I finally indulged in two trendy items, an over-sized sweater in a beautiful shade of cranberry and a pair of caramel-colored skinny trousers, but girls like me are not meant to wear sweaters that swallow them and pants that suffocate their thighs, so it's back to orphan clothes for me.)

As I've said, long day. And as I started with: orientation's tomorrow.

But instead of sleeping I've been graced with another reminder of dorm life that I have so sorely missed.... Screeching green-as-all-things-holy freshmen girls who play "I have never" in the hallway, wisely informing one another just exactly what a queef is and comparing the astoundingly original places they've had sex.

Why is it that when a girl gets to college she's measured by the amount of people she's taken her pants off for? What's the endless need to prove this to other women? Seems like the guys should be the ones concerned, sensibly speaking. (Though I suppose a man's asking for the sake of small talk would quickly result in his disqualification from getting his share of the pie.) It's something that's always bothered me.

I know I'm being a cranky elitist old crabpisser right now -- it's not like I wasn't ever a freshman -- BUT it'd be really great if the making friends thing could happen not outside my door.

But wait... what's this? Silence?

Ah, they've gone to have a drink.

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