September C

Again, I've failed to keep up on my inspirsessions. You'll probably be seeing a lot more of these and less pictures as school starts up and I take my camera out less frequently.

Upon arrival in London I went into fashion overdrive. I probably visited Oxford St. six times in my ten days at the hostel, and every time I just drooled over everything in the windows and reminded myself how poor I am, especially in £ terms.

BUT. I will buy a fuzzy sweater or cardigan to welcome in the foggy London fall, hopefully in the shade I've been seeing everywhere this year -- soft coral. That's what I'm calling it, anyways. It's somewhere between pink, brown, and red. It makes me think of blushing and blanket-snuggling at the same time, which are both things I adore. I'm trying to find a good pair of oxfords -- they're everywhere, but that makes it hard to find the sturdy ones. I still want Converse again, but they might be put on the back burner till Seattle if I get a pair of these babies. Burberry's classic camel plaid always makes me think of fall and trenchcoats -- if I had one of these scarves I'd wear it with a navy blazer (still need to find one of these too!) and the watch-charm necklace I bought on Portobello Road and am currently in love with. Pretty and practical! All of the little women in the corner represent TopShop and how it's taken over my waking life. There's bread above them cause I'm addicted to baguettes (fall always sends me the hugest of carb-cravings) and because I wish these models were too.

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