Jack the Pumpkin King


Fall graced us since I last wrote. This is *stellar* news to me, since autumn is my favorite time of year. I definitely fall into the category of people who prefer hot chai to iced tea, baked bread to watermelon, and fireside snuggles to fun-in-the-sun. Two days ago I was sweating in jeans, but yesterday was our first rain here in quite some time (hard to believe!) I commemorated the occasion by piling about 4 extra blankets on my bed, buying canned pumpkin in bulk at Costco, and unearthing my favorite sweaters from piles of half-finished summer projects.

For those who've listened to me complain endlessly about the facets of Seattle I despise (namely the weather), you may be wondering what's impelled me to welcome the onslaught of rainclouds. The thing is, last weekend, while reviving the childhood tradition of Flashlight Tag with some friends, I barreled into a set of unforeseen monkey bars and split open some skin at the bridge of my nose. Thankfully it didn't break, but I did have to get 5 stitches -- the first in my life. Now they're out, and I'm to wear sunscreen every day until next September. So I won't miss Mr. Sun so much this year.

An ultra-dramatic "healing shot," for your viewing pleasure.

Today I fully embraced being able to put my nose in the shower again, caught up on some letter-writing, and baked this:

Nummers!! Nothing beats pumpkin bread in the fall. This recipe, garnered from the blog Slow Like Honey, calls for melted chocolate to be poured over the top before baking (an idea I embraced fully), so that's why it looks burnt. The extra chocolate was heated with milk and poured into an espresso cup. Drinking chocolate and answering letters isn't a bad way to spend a Saturday morning. Again, so thrilled fall is happening.

Since I "don't have any money" and am likely to have none (at least none I can spend on clothes) until 2013 at least, I'm going to have to post my fashion favorites this season for dreaming purposes only. But expect to see some favorites on CG or here soon -- another great thing about fall: the clothes are always to die for! And speaking of clothes... Halloween's the next upcoming holiday! I've got to start thinking of a costume to top Creep Sheep. Maybe I'll go as Jack or Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas -- or Scarface...? ;)

More soon,

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