Let Your Honesty Shine

New York was phenomenal.

It's bright and beautiful in Seattle today, hardly a day to be called "hot" and peaceful in this neck of the woods, but all I can think about is the smell of roasting hotdogs, and the ribbon of space between people on crowded stretches of asphault and concrete, and golden squares of light against a black blanket of a sky, rippling its electric power across the ocean waves -- to me.

I understand now why there are so many movies take place in New York. Why so many books are set there, why so many songs are written about it, why so many artists flock and flounder there. It's truly a magnetic city, and once it draws you in, it's hard to shake the buzz. And I wasn't even there during its most beautiful moments! I hear fall in this city is gorgeous, and I can't imagine a better place to spend Christmas... (except home.)

Unfortunately some of the more beautiful moments -- the glittering city lights of New Jersey from Battery Park, the highbrow fashionistas (and -o's) passing through Washington Square, the multilingual soundtrack on the F train toward Queens -- were too fleeting to capture on camera. Here were some of the high points that I did manage to memorialize, however:

No idea who these people are... I'm a creep with my camera when I see something interesting.

Guests of the new celebrity Ding-Dang-Dong...

At FAO Schwartz. This made me so happy!

My friend, Mark: a Muppet of a Mark!

Too late for breakfast, not quite Audrey, but here I am!

Try and figure that out.

"If somebody, some girl in an awful-looking hat, for instance, comes all the way to New York--from Seattle, Washington, for God's sake--and ends up getting up early in the morning to see the goddam first show at Radio City Music Hall, it makes me so depressed I can't stand it." -Holden

More creepin'. I just liked this girl's silhouette. And the ever-classy Starbucks accessory cup.

Oh hey, Phantom chandelier.

Everywhere was zigs and zags...
I found those film-famous apartments!!

Closer shot.

Dizzy with all the visual stimulation.

Aquarius constellation on ceiling of Grand Central.

Rachel Green's haven... and this Rachel's mere fantasy.

Some MET favorites...

Writing desk!

Have mercy: the biggest hot dog ever.

I watched this guy attack this post in Washington Square for a good 15 minutes. I'm still not clear who the victor was.

Toniiiiight, toniiiiiight...

I've been to college, and I know this to be true.

Chinatown. Go to Joe's Shanghai for the BEST DUMPLINGS IN THE WORLD.

J, explaining what they do on Law and Order.

Night shot, so bad quality, but Hello, James Lipton!!

Homeward Bound.

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