In two scrolls of my mouse, I encounter an announcement for acceptance to medical school, engagement photos, and someone's new job at a large local theater.

I got a parking ticket.

Facebook is the new heart of the green-eyed monster.


I have analyzed and memorized and fallen in love with a Shakespeare monologue. I think I'm on my way at last to getting this stuff.

I got to drive somebody else's nice car. I took a real lunch break, ate a delicious bagel, had an Earl Grey latte, spoke with a nice man at Lowes about how to repot my rose (oh look, I'm rhyming now...)

I watched a really great video shared by a friend on Facebook: Real Beauty Sketches.

I (almost) forgot about my parking ticket.

And I think I finally understand "Sometimes, there's so much beauty in the world I feel like I can't take it."

Here's to acknowledging the negative, but building from the positive.

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