Baby Face

A couple weeks ago I was afforded the great privilege of meeting the newest little member of my boyfriend's family. What a precious thing, to hold something so tender... I'd never held a newborn before, and I was sure I'd hurt the little guy just by putting my arms around him.

It's a funny thing about babies -- they possess this overpowering innocence that makes all the hate in the world seem to just fall away. The love you feel for their purity extends outward in every direction, and suddenly every single living thing around you becomes fascinating.

If words don't suffice to explain it, hopefully you'll enjoy the photos...

If there was one thing I learned from this photography session, it's that inspiration moves fast. You have to click-click-click as soon as something catches your eye -- sometimes even before you're sure something's coming.

Because one moment it's there

and the next, it's gone.

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