A Fresh Start: Minimalism Month

The time has come, the walrus said...

...and we all know who the walrus is, don't we?

That's right. So let's get down to business. Goo-goo G'joob.

My minimalism month has come at last, and I'm excited to see just how little I can live without. The plan of action so far is box up everything for my move three weeks ahead of time -- enough time for me to gauge what I really do and don't need on a daily basis. Then hopefully, when the move comes, I'll be prepared to leave with less than intended.

In addition to packing things away, I will also be aiming to toss/donate/re-gift a certain amount of items a week:

Every Day - toss 3 "garbage" items (broken goods, old food, receipts, papers, notes, cards, etc.)
Every Other Day - donate 1 useable item to Goodwill
Once a Week - regift 1 useable item to a friend or family member 
Once a Week - sell 1 useable item (Amazon, Craigslist, etc.)

Once a Week - part with 1 "treasure" item (still useable, sentimental, expensive, and/or otherwise hard to give away)

I haven't worked out yet if a calendar system is best. If not, I might keep track like this instead:

93 = number of garbage items tossed by end of month
15 = number of useable items donated by end of month
4 = number of useable items re-gifted by end of month
4 = number of useable items sold by end of month
4 = number of treasure items parted with by end of month

I'm eager to begin! Check back for updates. Maybe I'll continue photography month by making little collages of my weekly progress. ;)


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