Day 17: Pictures

Day 17 (or this weekend) is designated on Style Cure as painting day. Technically I did do a bit of painting this weekend -- one watercolor, and one canvas project I've been meaning to get to for quite some time now -- but because I'm not painting the room itself, I set aside today to finally get some pictures posted, so I can share what's going on in the space.


So far the futon is still uncovered. The cover it came with was the same Santa Claus crimson you see in the leftover pillows, but J loathed it so much he chucked it before we could order a new one. I was quite fond of that candy apple look, but I agree it goes terribly with the rest of the room's rich earth tones. I'm hoping to bring a softer, more feminine color (like the Rosemary or Chelsea Gray shades shown earlier) to the futon eventually.

I'm so pleased to finally see my James Dean poster in a frame. Technically this belongs to J (thrifted a while ago at Goodwill), but he's graciously let me borrow it. The headless Boy Scout (left) is his own work, and I love how bizarre it feels hovering over the room. Even when he's just messing around, J's talents seem to be endless.

The beast of a bookshelf.

A rather blurry shot of the little London pictures I found at Salvation Army. Such a happy find!

J's camera collection -- I just love how these look beneath Mr. Dean!

These old fashioned accents are my favorite part of the room so far.
They make me feel like I've fallen into an episode of Downton Abbey -- or an Oscar Wilde story.

No bedroom shots to share just yet, but here's the bathroom, which is just about finished! I like the simple black and white happening in here, but I'm hoping to introduce some teals or lime greens soon.

The party was a great success, and everyone assured me the living room looked just fine.
As my brother assures me, "You'll learn to love the black furniture look. It always looks clean."
I hope he's right, because dusting is just about my least favorite thing to do!

Thanks for reading! More soon.

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