Style Cure Day 15 & 16: Catch Up

Thank you, Style Cure, for recognizing I was in the throws of stress-city getting everything organized in time for today's dinner. To be fair, J's handled all of the food -- but last night I reached my wit's end when it came to the living room and our bedroom closet.

My visions for the living room being a place of masculine-meets-feminine were quickly foiled when we made the decision to buy a 7-foot tall black bookcase. After all J's books were on it, it towered over the room like an enormous bird. Add the predominately black oriental rug, three more black shelving units, the large black TV, and a black side table and the whole space is exactly what I feared: a man cave. A man cave to the nth degree!! The futon, meanwhile, has lost its bright red color (this wasn't working anyway, but the exposed whiteness just makes the room all the more sharp), so everything is very deep and brooding in here.

Luckily I have a little corner to myself which I'm now calling my "femspace." My brown wooden desk and high-backed dusty-blue-and-pink-striped chair sit quietly beneath three framed photos of London I found at the Salvation Army. If I were sitting there now, I would be facing away from the ultimate yang space that all that black has created.

I let my yin expand westward to the bedroom, and I'm growing more proud of it as the room takes shape. I found a beautiful antique-looking Basset dresser at Salvation Army. It's cream colored and looks like it walked straight out of Downton Abbey -- on a direct path from the inspiration board! The bedroom has adopted more of the soft atmosphere I thought the bedroom would, with muted blues, neutrals, and woods. In a way, I'm glad the rooms have a distinct personality of their own. Even though its been hard to relinquish control of the living room, I realize eclectic was what I was going for in the first place -- and there's still plenty of time to make it more eclectic.

Pictures coming soon folks, I really promise.

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