Style Cure Day 2: Over-the-Weekend Inspiration

Day 2's project was to spend some time gathering photos over the weekend from my favorite shops and/or other places I admire. Unfortunately for me, Friday was a full work day with lines to learn at the end of it, then early to bed both that night and Saturday for early morning filming. In other words, I hardly have the time to stroll around and snap such inspiration photos -- so I spent some of Friday night "strolling" through my favorite websites instead.

When you go out looking for inspiration, it's hard to find it, so I'm going to consider this a work-in-progress, adding to it as I find more gems. So far, though, here's some examples of home style I consider tres magnifique.

First, a couple items that speak both feminine and masculine to me, or show the two in combination:

If this chair was a person, it would be a sassy airline steward.

Color coordination off this fabulous oriental rug.

A pop of color in an otherwise monochromatic room.

A strong, steel initial... hung with a white ribbon?

Next, my favorite form of displaying inspirsessions and honors -- framing them!

I'm definitely loving the frame clusters, but I'm also a postcard collector of sorts. I have several from family, old friends, cities I love, and shows J and I have done. So I liked this idea as well for showcasing our passions:


And then there's this pictureless frame. I'm still trying to decide if this is too irritatingly ironic, even though I find it refreshing in this space:

Accents/layouts which reflect the cozy-inviting feel both J and I recollect from our respective childhood homes...

Seats that face each other make for better conversation.

I love everything going on here -- especially the piles. Piles are important. Also reminds me of my attic.

J said NO WAY to his oriental rug in the kitchen, but I like how cozy this looks!

Clever positioning of table directly under good lighting.

And, finally, some random eclectic inspirsessions.

Going to commission J to recreate this overpriced Anthropologie table.

A creative use for my long mirror!

I've always been obsessed with these trunks. Never thought of using one as a table, though!

I'm getting so excited to move in! I encourage anyone reading this to try it out on one of your own rooms. If you're at all Type A, it will really give you an inspiration/planning kick.

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