Style Cure Day 1: Style Interview Analysis

K, so because my blog is being obnoxious and I can't figure out how to post this without it overlapping in the comment section, you get 3 posts today!


According to Style Cure, questions 1 and 2 should give me something of a style collage -- an idea of what inspires me. The question two words likely describe question 1, if my style is moderately consistent. Looking back over it, I definitely see the connections here. Where J's self-described studiousness runs parallel with his love of bookshelves, Chopin, Ian McKellen, and F. Scott Fitzgerald, my retro/vintage obsession is backed by choices like Downton Abbey, Jimmy Stewart, the Skillet Diner and The Beatles. In our shared interests, I see a definite eclecticism -- Dustin Hoffman (who's done a variety of roles and remains un-typecast, to an extent), Charles Dickens (an Aquarius -- need I say more?), and Sureshot (a coffee shop here in Seattle which can only be defined by its eclecticism), but also a love of the classic traditional: Sally Field, Mini Cooper, Tree of Life, Restoration Hardware, and Ikea.

"Questions 3 and 5 are different ways of connecting to what you find pleasing comfortable, and beautiful." This pretty much speaks for itself -- it pinpoints what needs to be maintained through the design to ensure familiarity and comfort. What a great blueprint to start out with! We both share of a love of good lighting, space, and multifunctional environments. I hope at once that our space is quiet, but socially inviting; intellectual, but not stuffily so; and spacious, but cozy. 

Finally, questions 4 and 6 pertain to aspirations -- what we're looking at goal-wise. I'm identifying my goals for this project as such:

1. Maintain an aura of femininity in the space without stifling J's more masculine style.
2. Reserve areas for displaying what we're proud of and/or objects that indicate who we each want to be.
3. Create a space that is welcoming to guests (a good place to have a game night or potluck), but that we're also able to relax in for quiet/separate time.

Sounds great! I'm very excited to begin.


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