Style Cure Day 9 & 10: Research Decor Pairing or Project

Exciting news from the homefront! The apartment managers painted all the walls back to a neutral bone/beige/ivory/off-white tone (which I have identified as "Palace White" from the Ben Moore paint wheel.)

Looking at our consolidated items, I've assessed the room's needs so far:

-1 or 2 bookshelves (J's request: "SUPER tall.")
-coffee or end table for futon
-entry mat
-curtains (2 for living room, 2 for bedroom)
-futon cover
-throw pillows?

I've also created a palette for the other colors in the room we're working with:

In the way of tables, I think it might be best to stick with the black bookshelf theme we have going here. Nice and easy. A navy or burgundy entry mat might serve to bring out the colors in the oriental rug, and white curtains would still offer light with their privacy. The wood floor will stand out nicely in this color harmony, I think. The blindingly red futon cover is going to have to go -- a beige or tan cover might be a choice replacement. The other accents are probably going to have to be based around the rug, but I'm okay with that: cream, red, and blue are quite stately, and I think the trio captures that intellectual feel J and I both desire from this space.

That means that texture, shape, and placement of the decor will have to deliver the cozy feel. I've already got a layout in mind to create more of a focused, centralized space. I'm also hoping for some fuzzy blankets, soft throw pillows, rounded corners, and a funky, old table.

Style Cure recommends identifying DIY and purchase projects at this point. I'm willing to buy curtains and entry mats at full price. Bookshelves and tables can hopefully be thrifted. If my sewing skills allow, I will create the futon cover. Otherwise, to Amazon I go.

Budget planning will be separate and private -- there's no need to bore you with it here. I can promise you it will be on the cheap, though! If I manage to decorate under $100, I will share my secrets.


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