Minimalism Month: Week 4

As I sit here preparing for my last night of sleep in my twin bed, I'm struck with a certain nostalgia for everything left in my room. If minimalist month had truly taken off, this is where I'd be. Sitting before me now, alongside my bed and bedding, is a small load of freshly laundered clothes, my favorite Converse sneakers, a garbage and recycling bin, my beloved rose plant, a hook on the wall, my work folder, my purse, my phone, my camera, and my laptop. There are leftovers in the fridge. There are some hotel-sized bottles of shampoo in my fridge.

So, how do I feel? Well, I haven't had to live like this, so I can't say for certain, but my visceral reaction is sadness. While the expanse of a bare room gives invitation for breath and possibility, it makes me feel lonely. My posters aren't here to remind me who I am. I have no colorful clothes to look at, draped over my furniture. The lighting has never been more terrible -- I only now am realizing just how often I used my floor lamp. I keep looking to the only truly alive item in the room -- Buddy (the rose) -- for comfort.

I am not a minimalist, and I don't think I ever will be. I have a dear friend and a dear brother who impress me every time I see their bedrooms -- everything is clean, organized, and neatly laid out. They have as many books as they are reading at one time on their shelf. They have a bowl they use everyday. They have a specific spot for their specific pen. If I sound snide, I don't intend to; this practice genuinely impresses me. It looks peaceful -- for them. Being in a room with this much space for me, though, makes me feel like I'm living in a hotel. It doesn't feel like home. My style is definitely "cozy," and not "mod" by any means.

That being said, I did finish my final purge of items -- this time from the kitchen:

Thrown Out (or strategically left behind):
64. handmade biscuit cutter
65. red water bottle, broken
66. can opener
67. moldy tomato
68. red gift bag
69. Russel Stover chocolate heart box
70. 2 cool glass bottles, once filled with alcohol
71. 5 recipes
72. rest of Grande Marnier Brie cheese
73. rest of Gjetoast cheese (finally)
74. old ginger root
75. old carrots
76. Crunchy Nugget IMPOSTER CEREAL
77. old tupperware
78. 2 Nancy's yogurt containers
79. several boxes of Indonesian food
80. bag of stale crackers
81. some ziplock bags

and other throw outs:
82. Swifer mop
83. Ran DVD
84. plaid mini skirt
85. finished chapstick
86. shampoo & conditioner bottles
87. 2 scripts with notes
88. broken hard drive
89. old theater posters
90. parking receipts in car
91. several unused cardboard boxes
92. binders
93. key to J's house

13. C. Conrad's waffle iron (You're welcome.)
14. mini saucer & cup set
15. pizza tray

and other donates:
16. Learn French CDs
17. five pairs of earrings
18. shoe organizers

5. Zucchini bread
6. bottle of Port wine
7. trivet knife
8. one favorite book

3. Cash (Amazon)

Part Withs:
3. 2 lounge chairs (sentiment from old apartment)

So, there we go! I'm hoping to sell at least a couple more clothing/book items this weekend as well as part with the ultimate treasure: my trundle bed of 19 years. Even without those things, my total comes to 125 things -- already beyond my goal! And that isn't counting the myriad of items I threw out without a second thought and forgot to list.

At the very least, I've established I am not a hoarder.

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