I'm not sure whether it's all the Joni Mitchell I've been listening to or the fact that I've reached the 70s in She's Come Undone, but lately I've been really feeling the bohemian look.

I went positively crazy for all things boho (along with everybody else) in 2006. It started when I found a pair of high-waisted bell-bottom jeans at a thrift store, then gradually erupted into brightly colored gypsy skirts, low slung belts, and tunic tops. All through high school, I fancied myself quite the hippie. What a laugh!

Since my hair already screams "love child," I tried to sophisticate this whimsical charm necklace and my crochet vest with a crisp button-down and heels. How did I do? Would you let this hippie into your library??

Blouse: thrifted

Vest: American Rag

Jeans: Lucky Brand

Necklace: Lucky Brand

Booties: thrifted

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