Even though the above outfit was directly inspired, I don’t have an inspiration picture to share with you... because it would make me a total creeper.

Last weekend at the gym, there was a whole passel of kids scrambling around the locker room. As I twiddled the dial on my locker, I caught a pair of brown eyes staring curiously up at me, beneath a crop of straight-cut flaxen bangs. She looked both shy and fixated. She could’ve been a seven-year-old version of me.

I smiled and she smiled slowly back, as children are wont to do. Finally, she took her her mother’s hand and exited down the hall. And that’s when I noticed her totally hip outfit.

She wore a light gray cable-knit sweater and a pair of denim leggings, which she'd tucked into a pair of brown cowboy boots. The best part was that they looked totally authentic -- as if this girl actually lived on a ranch. They had a slight gloss to them, with indented designs, and they were somehow lovingly worn-in (even though at this age the girl's feet were no doubt zooming through sizes on a monthly basis.)

Thanks to Polyvore, I was able to recreate this fabulous get-up in adult-size, and I added a few accessories to complete the look. Cowboy boots scream for a saddle bag. A neutral lipstick seemed fitting for my inspiration source. The Julep nail polish is called "Candy Corn," cause I haven't quite knocked out my craving for the October treat!

I wish you the very best of weekends.

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