Monday Muse: Anna Sophia Robb

Okay, I feel like I can finally bring this confession into full light, because with the recent success of The Carrie Diaries, it's liable to get a lot more trendy. I have had a girl crush on Anna Sophia Robb probably since that Samantha American Girl Christmas movie came out. It increased about tenfold when I discovered Bridge to Terabithia. (Perhaps this might just turn into a post where I admit to all the kiddie movies I secretly watched and adored over the age of fourteen...) Seriously, though: I cared maybe 10% about the characters in that book when I read it in fifth grade, and somehow Anna Sophia had me sobbing over Leslie nearly 20 minutes after the credits rolled. It was then I knew this young actress was going places.

And then, this past weekend, in an attempt to forget a very long work week, I pulled up The Carrie Diaries on Netflix -- and now I'm hooked.

Besides her perfect-as-a-porcelain-doll face, fantastically styled Carrie curls, and incredible New Wave wardrobe, Anna Sophia admirably carries (haha) an previously developed, much-beloved character with tremendous strength and attention to detail. Right from the pilot episode, it was evident the actress had done her work on studying Sarah Jessica Parker's iconic mannerisms and channeling them into her own version of Carrie Bradshaw. And much to her credit, Anna Sophia's Carrie is already a million times more likeable. She doesn't wax cynical about her perfect little life, nor does she spend her day drinking and whining about bad sex. She acts like a normal (albeit impossibly beautiful) sixteen-year-old girl, with an innocent charm akin to that of (dare I compare?) the great Molly Ringwald.

Mark my words: Anna Sophia Robb is going places. Meanwhile, I will continue to obsessively screen-shot every last 80s-inspired outfit that graces the screen in this new guilty pleasure:


Dat purse.

Some seriously great sweaters happening in this show...

Loving Larissa's fierce accessories and patterns. These eyelashes are totally absurd.

I even have a soft spot in my heart for this raccoon-eyed Cure fan.


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