Fall Playlist 2014

This playlist started out pretty moody, then sculpted itself into an upbeat, poppy monster when I limited it to just one Simon & Garfunkel ballad (you're welcome.) With any luck, these selections presage a time for creating new memories, rather than tangling myself in old ones. I've always felt there's a weird web of nostalgia that cocoons this season.  


While there are several old favorites on here (I daydreamed to The Cure's Greatest Hits CD for at least the first 25 bus rides to high school, and "I'm Gonna Be 500 Miles" always finds its way back into my life around October, when I get homesick for Spokane), I couldn't help but fall head over heels for Ingrid's boppy "Girls Chase Boys." It also took a day's worth of convincing myself that I'd quickly tire of MAGIC'S "Rude" if I gave it transgression beyond my car radio. 

Somewhere in time, I jotted down The Electric Pop Group and Burning Hearts on a computerized sticky note, and I'm so pleased to have finally researched them both. The former completely captures everything I feel about the summer-fall transition period (reminiscence, departures, growing pains, and the like.) The latter is just great because they're Swedish.

You have my Labor Day weekend Freaks and Geeks binge-fest to thank for The Who and Billy Joel. And you know it's virtually impossible for me to create a playlist without The Beatles barging in somewhere.

Don't ask me about Del Amitri. I do not have an answer for you.

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