Fashion Revamp: The Breakfast Club

Guys, it's happened! Autumn is totally, officially here. How do I know? I lost circulation in my fingers at work today. (It's the little things...) Other little causes for seasonal celebration: wearing my favorite trench coat, pulling sweaters from storage, sifting through soup recipes, molasses cookies and hot coffee with the beau, listening to rainfall before bed, excusing myself from the gym because it's "too dark" to walk there, falling in love with each and every shade of leaf on my commute home... This is truly the season of all seasons. I don't know how anyone could possibly dislike fall.

While I've been soaking up all the autumn glory I can, it still seems like September just flew by. I'm a little sorry to have missed the back-to-school flurry that brings the collegiate fashions out of the woodwork every year. This is where I'm truly in my element. Blazers, tailored pants, tartans, pleated skirts, ribbons, sweater vests, knee-high socks, oxfords, collared blouses, tweeds... I've always been a bit obsessed with the English prep school vibe. That said, there's one (American) film that stands out in my mind as THE DEFINING back-to-school movie: The Breakfast Club.

My original idea was to recreate each character's look in an outfit post series. Unfortunately though, being in the thick of streamlining my capsule wardrobe doesn't exactly lend itself to a wide variety of character options. So I challenged myself in a different way: Using items from current fall collections, I revamped the look of each character with a more modern edge. I tried to stay within the bounds of each student's vibe (similar colors, silhouettes, and fabrics), though I did gender-swap the boys. Hopefully it will illustrate how you can translate your own inspiressesions into modern realities!

character looks were created entirely 
from the following brands:

The Criminal // Bender: All Saints
The Basket Case // Allison: Rag & Bone
The Athlete // Andrew: Converse
The Princess // Claire: Zara
The Brain // Brian: Tommy Hilfiger

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