F2014 4: Learn How to Be You in Time

F14 - 4 (The Fab Four)

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Lest you've forgotten my long-time obsession with The Beatles the grandest band of all time, here's a healthy dose of the Fab Four for the 4th outfit in my fall capsule.

The minimalist, urban look of this outfit is something I've only recently come to embrace. By nature, I've always had a knack for pairing the ridiculous with the ridiculous-er -- be it a Peugeot cap with Big Bird slippers or a hospital scrub top with an ankle length paisley skirt.* As absurd as they sound, I regret none of my greenhorn fashion decisions, because I know they came from a place of honest expression. An Aquarius at heart, I've always been particularly fond of going against the grain!

So you may understand why outfits like this once seemed uninspiring to me. A sharp shirt and coat, streamlined pants and boots, shades and sleek silver accessories... it's cool, sure, but where's the personality? But then I got to thinking: while wearing simple suits served to merge John, Paul, George, and Ringo as a unified band, their individual characters were nevertheless unmistakable. Who could confuse McCartney's gigglish charm for the loony wit of Lennon? If anything, the matching outfits only served to better backdrop their unique charismas.

Throw caution to the wind today and be more boring! You might just become more fascinating.

*Seriously. I can't make this stuff up.

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