F2014 5: Make It Uniform

F14 - 5 (Deep Blue Sea)
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While seeking justification for today's inspiration photos, I discovered that November 10th is National Marines Day. How's that for going with your instinct?

Truth be told, this outfit is old hat for me: Form-fitting a-line dress? Check. Knee high boots? Check. Funky stocking choices? Check, check. In college, I gravitated toward this combination again and again. Occasionally I'd swap the dress out for a skirt-and-tee combo, but mainly I stuck to these three elements. It became my uniform, and to this day I return to it whenever my creative juices are running low.

To create your own uniform look, ask yourself what styles and silhouettes you find yourself drawn to while dressing, shopping, or people-watching. Maybe you feel right at home in skinny jeans and combat boots. Maybe you've always admired the high-waists and broad shoulders of the 1930s and 80s. Perhaps, like me, your body always feels right at home in the classic hourglass silhouette. Whatever your preference, make sure you have a lot of these uniform pieces on hand. For a personal iconic look, you might even decide to compose your capsule of uniform pieces entirely. Suit up and sail on.

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