F2014 6: Fancy This, Fancy That

F14 - 6 (Fancy That)

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Why is the Edwardian period so classy? Is it the lace? The pearls? The puffed sleeves? Though some may call it grannyish, I return to this time again and again for a fashion pick-me-up -- especially when it comes to gettin' fancy.

Fanciness doesn't have to be limited to once-in-a-blue-moon formal events. Fancy up a dinner date. Fancy-up to go to the movies. You can even fancy up your work attire, as I've done here.

I know, I know -- some of you are already rolling your eyes at the notion of wearing pearls & skirts to work. Quel demurrrrre. Didn't women like the one in the photo above work to make this very practice noncompulsory? I would argue that these delicate details simply make the stronger pieces (i.e. the oxford shoes and black leather jacket) stand out all the more! In fact, when set against the antique palette and streamlined tailoring, there's no denying this modern jacket is star of the show.

So wear your pearls and heels proudly, but don't be afraid to up the edge factor. Like you, style is multidimensional: at once brave and bold, humble and simple.

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