F2014 8: Good As Gold

F14 - 8 (Good as Gold)

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Everyone reaches a point in their life where they see themselves for what they are. For me, that meant coming to terms with the fact that I'm basically a goody-goody. Straight-edge, prim & proper, well-meaning, with a tendency to adhere to the rules... I'm like Hermione Granger without the asset of a brilliant memory. (Though I won't go so far to devalue my own intelligence.)

Perhaps this inherent quality of mine is why I'm so drawn to preppy clothes. A large majority of my younger years were spent wishing I got to wear a uniform to school; I was positively charmed by tartan skirts, saddle shoes, and knee-high socks.

These days, I'm glad to have had the freedom to experiment with as many styles as I pleased. Still, on days when I'm feeling particularly diligent, I love dressing the part. Argyle patterns, tailored lines, a smart collared blouse, and -- my favorite accessory for the good-girl look -- gold accents pull together this look quite nicely. I can't imagine my capsule wardrobe without a healthy dose of this academic style!

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