F2014 9: Her Majesty

F14 - 9 (Jewel Tones)

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Perhaps it was seeing Blood Countess at Annex Theater last week, but for some reason I've got medieval queens on the brain! There's such an eerie quality to portraiture from this era -- like everyone was plotting murder or something. (And, as several plays & historical anecdotes suggest, they were!)

While my own thoughts are far from vengeful, I love the sense of power brought on by this royal inspiration. To match it, I tried to choose capsule pieces that give me a similar sense of confidence and richness. Jewel tones are an obvious addition here; the blazer, necklace, and camisole* stand out from one another like rubies, amethysts, and gold framing on a crown. Deep chocolate has always felt luxurious yet comfortable to me, so I used that to ground the palette.

I'm having a hard time staying away from these gray knee boots, which have found their way onto my feet almost every day this week. Their muted tone complements just about anything, yet they always seem to become a statement piece in their own right. To complete the outfit, I added an extra-long scarf. This works double duty to keep me toasty and to mimic the quality of a trailing royal robe.

What will you conquer today, your majesty?

*It's worth noting that the color of this camisole is deeper in reality -- more tumeric than the bright tone you see here.

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