F2014 10: Black, White, and Not Boring

F14 - 10 (Monotone)

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Even with a streamlined wardrobe, the question of "what to wear today?" still arises. Part of me hopes that's because I'm still curating and that one day I'll be able to reach into my closet, pull something out, and think "Voila!" Perfect outfit. Another part of me knows that's not likely to happen for me ever. (That's also the part of me that changes her favorite color week to week...)

But wait a minute -- this outfit HAS no color! Yep, welcome to black and white and gray all over. While the monochrome fashion hack isn't exactly anything new, I've only just learned how to make it work for the side of me that craves color, pizazz, and general variety (in other words, the alive side of me.)

Here's the secret: texture. It doesn't have to be something as blatant as corduroy on tweed on velvet,
but mix things up a bit with a patterned sweater, statement jewelry, and sleek boots. Mix and match something you may not have tried before. It's hard to go wrong with black and white!

Happy Weekend, Everybody!

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