F2014 11: Dress Over Blouse

F14 - 11 (First Snow)

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Well, it's back to rainy days here in Seattle, and I'm thinking wistfully back to the Saturday after Thanksgiving -- this year's first snowfall! While it's nice not having to worry about ice on the street or wearing socks to bed, there's nothing like seeing that little snowflake in my weather app. It just doesn't seem like Christmas without snow...

That said, you don't need the white stuff to rock this outfit. In fact, wearing it on a temperate day will ensure it doesn't hide beneath your coat all day long!

In the past, I've been wary about layering blouses and dresses. For one thing, I associate this look with Catholic schoolgirls, which I'm probably beyond the age of imitating with dignity. Secondly, I just can't stand seeing wrinkles under outer fabrics. Like the VLP, that sort of thing can really spoil an outfit.

Fortunately, the printed dress I chose for this capsule wardrobe is made of a thick material -- perfect for concealing pesky fabric folds and buttons! (It also keeps me wonderfully warm, for a dress.) To make this outfit more seasonal, I added some layered tights & knee socks under my favorite boots, a funky Victorian-looking brooch, and a belt with a smart little bow. BAM! I'm a Christmas present.

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