F2014 12: Spicy Date

F14 - 12 (Spicy Date)

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I wore this little getup last month for an anniversary dinner with my studmuffin. It paired oh-so-nicely with our champagne!  

If you've got a hot date of your own on the calendar tonight, why not make the most of autumn's wonderful spicy hues? Every year, winter brings icy metallics, cool jewel tones, and blues back on the scene, and we must bid our reds and golds farewell til' next year. Fall never seems to last quite long enough, does it? (I still blame the lack of snow... It's really the only thing that gives winter an edge over the other seasons.)

To keep this look on the subtle side, stick to two or three spice tones and mix them with warm neutrals, like the chocolate booties and beige trench shown above. I chose cumin (scarf), paprika (dress), and sumac (gloves), but you might also incorporate sage, saffron, tumeric, cinnamon, ginger... Just open your spice cabinet and get inspired!

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