W2015 13: Rorelai

W2015 13: Rorelai

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Sooner or later it was bound to happen. Like the rest of the Netflix community, my productivity has fallen prey to two coffee-guzzling brunette beauties living their lives out across my screen. I've even started finding flannel and baseball hats oddly attractive. That's right -- I've started watching Gilmore Girls.

And after nearly a season's worth of episodes, I still can't tell you who I dig more, Rory or Lorelai. So I decided to take inspiration from an amalgamation of their separate personalities: Rorelai. In other words, I took all my favorite aspects of Rory's style and combined them with my favorites of Lorelai's. Like, if I had the opportunity to raid both the Gilmore Girls' respective closets, this would be the resulting outfit.

From the Rory side of things, we have a clean-cut a-line skirt, plaid scarf, and a classic collared blouse. Lorelai's edgy contributions include the Chelsea bootie heels, chunky silver jewelry, and a leather jacket. I'm just loving how it all combined!

How would you wear Rorelai?

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