W2015 12: Februbaby

W2015 12: Februbaby

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Is it me, or is there something vaguely Harry Potter-esque about this outfit? It's striking a real Prisoner of Askaban chord in me, and I can only think it has to do with that clock-like zodiac dial I've chosen as an inspiration image. Hmm.

With February now in full swing, my zany Aquarian spirit is turning cartwheels, waiting for the time to celebrate her special day. What does me being an Aquarius have to do with this outfit? Well, for one thing, it explains how exercise leggings ended up alongside a leather crossbody purse: We water-bearers are all about such unexpected pairings. This comes from an inherent compulsion to invent and, above all, to be original. Unique charm necklaces, like this one from Lucky, perfectly capture that sense of individualism. I find myself playing with the charms when I'm contemplating how to better organize my butterfly mind, when I'm futzing about with technology, or when I'm having a mid-afternoon daydream -- which is most mid-afternoons, if I'm being honest here.

People ask why astrology interests me, if I acknowledge it has little to do with actual science. I can only say I've always been more fascinated by mysteries and dreams than realities.

And who wouldn't want to feel connected to the stars?

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