My First YouTube Video

Well, folks, I've gone and done it. I filmed myself and put it on YouTube. I've officially expanded into the realm of vlog. This is something I've been hoping to explore for a while now, but out of fear, embarrassment, and/or lethargy, it took me this long to actually get there. (In fact, in the past year or so, I've filmed a couple videos which I even edited with the intention of sharing, only to chicken out when push came to shove.)

At the very least, I'm hoping that working in this medium will offer not only a different perspective into my wardrobe projects, but also that it will improve my on-camera facial and vocal awareness -- an important skill for any actor with silver-screen dreams!

Taking a monthly, seasonal, or yearly wardrobe inventory is so important for anyone looking to improve their style or closet organization. Unless you've mastered minimalism or possess a photographic memory, it's just too easy to lose touch of what's in your closet. Besides, you never know when your tastes are going to change. (Or maybe you do. And if so, good for you.)

I don't suppose many people approach the inventory process with as much delight as I do (in case you haven't heard, I'm an organizational nerd who would typically rather root around in untidy drawers and piles of books than greet the afternoon sunshine or, you know, talk to other human beings...) but there's no need to make a big thing of it. Just pull everything out of your closet and onto your bed, then take it, as Ann Lamont advises, "bird by bird" (or, uh, shirt by shirt.) You can make spreadsheets and flashcards as I've been rumored to (Who's spreading such lies? Pas moi, certainement!) or you can just work on instinct -- tossing anything too old or seasonally inappropriate, keeping what interests you, and shopping with a budget, timeline, or list for guidance. Easy-peasy.

As of today, this video is already a little outdated. Since March, which I filmed it, I've culled several other pieces and made a few more purchases (basics only, of course!) for my upcoming Spring/Summer capsule. As promised, I will share the completed capsule in another video, providing I don't lose my nerve.

x's and o's and outfits to come! Happy Wednesday, everyone.

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