Spring Playlist 2016

Admittedly, I'm a little late getting this playlist up. Spring has long since sprung -- did you pass a lovely Earth Day? -- and here in New York it already feels like we have one foot in summer. Nevertheless, I went on a Spotify binge this month to catch up, and I found some new gems waiting for me!

My love of alternative / indie rock / pop (those clangy guitars!!) continues in wild abandon, as does my ability to become totally obsessed with singles rather than appreciating albums in their entirety. In line at Whole Foods, I was able to make out the "No one, no one knows me like you do" of Wolf Alice's "Bros" over their speaker system, and I subsequently spent five hours of my weekend trying to track the title and band from that one line (which I actually misunderstood as "no one loves me like you do" -- i.e. the line in every love song ever. Anyway, I was so victorious at finally discovering it, I've been listening to it on repeat. Like someone's going to come and take it away from me.

That goes double for B├śRNS' "Past Lives." When I added "Fool For Love" (Lord Huron) last winter, I was delighted to hear it on the first episode of Girls, which I didn't watch for a few months after its release. Turns out I was in for a double delight with the former track. I had apparently liked "Past Lives" so much that I make note of it in my phone on two separate occasions before Shoshanna's pensive balcony shot. How could I forget that catchy chorus ("duh-destiny!...") Third time's a charm, I guess. Someday I will remember Shazam exists.

Of course, no playlist of mine is complete without a few 60s throwbacks. I tried to branch out with some covers here and there -- hell-oooo, Bee Gees and Dusty! -- but sometimes there's just no replacement for the real thing (namely, if your name is Paul, it seems.)

Cheers Elephant, Best Coast, and The Shins continue to please-please me. The tracks I've included here are old news at this point, but they were a joy to rediscover and commit to seasonal memory.

Happy Springtime, lovelies!

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