La Sylphide de Radiateur

While I haven't created an actual outfit post in some time now, I snapped these pics on my phone before venturing out into last week's sunshine and figured I might as well share them. I do wish the temperate May weather we're having would last forever, but if summer means more hours spent in this maxi dress, I think I'll survive quite happily.

The bohemian look has always been present in my closet -- peasant shirts in middle school, hippie skirts in high school, and Birkenstocks forever -- but it's only recently that I've pursued the style this shamelessly. Maybe that has something to do with adopting a more eco-friendly lifestyle to match (or at least striving to do so.) Put it this way: I never thought the day would come when I'd pick up a dress from Whole Foods and think, "This might actually be perfect..." But true story, friends. Apparently the more distance you put between yourself and the West Coast, the more "granola" you crave.

This floral maxi is from my spring capsule wardrobe, which I introduced in last week's post & accompanying video. Overall, my selections are faring well weather-wise and keeping me creatively satisfied. The choice to separate my work clothes from my other-activities pieces was wise, as I'm quickly wearing out what was already a mess and considering my day-off options with more anticipation/excitement.

For summer, I'm looking into repairing my Birkenstocks, which are now about a decade old and badly in need of a new footbed. If they can't be mended, I might be making my first brand-new clothing purchase since September. Typing that feels crazy, but turning this secondhand shopping goal into a reality has actually been way easier than I thought it would. Home products are harder. Like when you really need a new casserole dish (and only one new casserole dish) and Macy's makes it more affordable to buy a four-piece set complete with plastic lids than the glass container you really need. Thanks, America. Here's a slow clap for your magnanimity.

Which reminds me: does anyone have recommendations for US-made, fair-trade, and/or eco-friendly bras?

Love to you all.


  1. Well you know I'm always into Free People bras ... they are US made! They really don't offer a ton of support though, this one works fine for me every day and shirts that have a thicker material: https://www.freepeople.com/shop/side-cross-crop-bra/

    Also, LOVE this dress!!! I'm currently on the lookout for a feminine floral dress for the summer :)

    1. Oh man, I *love* that bra! It heartens me to see at least some Free People stuff is American-made. (Now if they could just make the rest of their clothing that way, because I want an excuse to buy it all!) Thank you, re: the dress -- Would you believe I bought it in 2009?? Gotta love a timeless piece.

  2. Oh, one more thing ... does J take your photos?

    1. No, J does not take my photos. With the exception of "Dryad Daydream," which my amazingly talented friend Evelyn assisted me with, everything on this blog was accomplished with a tripod and a large dose of trial-and-error! The photos above just involved leaning my phone against opportune surfaces. ;)

      Thanks for asking!