Spring Capsule 2016 - Lookbook Video

After a full day's worth of editing and one gnarly morning spent battling iMovie (helloooooo too many projects on my hard drive!) I am pleased to present my second YouTube video and a project I've been looking forward to tackling for some time now: a lookbook for my latest seasonal capsule wardrobe!

I've seen many lookbooks across the stretches of the internet, but none have captivated my attention quite like those of blogger/vlogger (and my new fashion crush) Mademoiselle. Her lovely style is made only more adorable to me by her chic Aussie accent -- and keep your eye out for flashes of her (matching) kitten and puppy in her videos! So cute! More to the point, she developed a clever way of presenting her capsules, which I was eager to try my hand at. Hopefully, if she ever comes across this post, she'll take the imitation for genuine worshipful flattery, rather than simple copycattery.

Some side notes on this capsule:

In its development, rather than set a definitive number of pieces, I chose two style icons (which I won't identify here, for fear that I've totally missed the mark on embodying their respective "styles," and you'll tease me for it) and selected pieces based on what I thought they'd wear. The majority of these clothes were pulled from what I currently had on hand, however I did bring in a few additions to keep it fresh. Standing by my decision not to buy new this year, these additions were either purchased secondhand or acquired at a recent clothes swap.

In the past, I've maintained one capsule from which I pulled both work and "playtime" outfits. This worked well enough for my Seattle-casual admin job, but with this year's change of climate, occupation, and budget, I've decided to create a separate, smaller* capsule of work-only clothes. This is where most of my denim, cotton dresses, and earth-Mama shoes have gone to die a slow and painful death (at the hands of merciless wrestle-happy children.) However, I've allowed myself a few crossovers, such as my favorite combat boots and striped tee. What you see here covers weekends, personal errands, date nights, formal events, auditions, and admin work performed beyond the reach of jam hands.

Finally, despite my better judgment, I went ahead and put a few items in storage. Partially for obvious reasons -- I have no need for a down coat at this point, and it's too cold for cut-offs yet -- but also because I still own too many things to justify having them all out at once. If some of the idea behind a capsule wardrobe is truly "wear out" your clothes, then I need to focus on a chunk at a time. For full transparency, I probably have about 20 items in storage right now. If they aren't incorporated by next fall, then out of my life they'll go. You'll see several of these pieces in a month or two, once summer hits. Probably in a follow-up video!

As always, thanks for reading (and watching!) If you're enjoying the videos, let me know in the comments and I'll keep 'em coming. This one was a delight to make!

*15 pieces, in case you were curious.

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