June 2017 Sampler Wardobe Outfits (C)

This panel could be a visual history of my love affair with the color red. It's a favorite of my mother's, so naturally I was dressed in this color a lot as a small child. In those days, even the brightest reds suited my towhead locks. As my hair has matured to a duller, odd shade of blondish-brown, however, I've had to adapt my color profile to suitably softer tones.

This dusty peach wrap dress was one of my first departures from pure red and crimson. I find its midtone shade to be wonderfully comforting on days when my skin's at its palest (i.e. all the damn time.) The soft pink hippie dress is lighter than I'd normally go for, but it makes me feel like Clara from The Nutcracker, so I'm hopelessly devoted.

Do I believe everyone should stick to their "color profile" all the time, never venturing beyond what suits their skin tone? No. I think creative dressing frequently has its own agenda. But if you're suddenly feeling uncomfortable in shades that used to bring you joy, it can be helpful to think within those bounds toward a new palette!

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