June 2017 Sampler Wardrobe Outfits (D)

Friends, Romans, Countrymen... we have reached the end of June. Summer is in full swing, and my goodness, what a creative jolt this month has provided me! Sketching and painting these weekly croquis has simultaneously anxiety-inducing and exhilarating; the process seemed to imbibe me with an artistic focus and confidence I've been lacking as of late. It's a joy to feel that burst of energy again. (Thanks, sunshine!)

This panel is, obviously, the remainding items of my sampler wardrobe (minus the jackets, for which I may need to do an extra painting), but I'm pleased to see that they also harmonize into something of a "basics" category. Due to their simple versatility, most of the pieces above were my June workhorses -- my partner even commented that I wore his retired white dress shirt more often than he ever had to work!

Unfortunately some of these regular-use pieces are beginning to show major signs of wear-and-tear. My low-tops are sporting some nice holes, my favorite black skinny jeans have been patched not once but three times, and my brown ankle boots might even be past hope of a cobbler at this point. It's always a bit sad saying goodbye to beloved clothes, but that's what limiting yourself to a smaller wardrobe is all about: selecting clothes you really love to wear and wearing them out!

Stay tuned for my July selections! I'm so excited to shop my closet tonight...

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