July 2017 Sampler Wardrobe

Last month's Sampler Wardrobe went better than I even hoped. It finally felt like I got to wear my pieces enough, and in moments of boredom, I simply reminded myself that I'd be diving into a whole new selection of clothing in one month's time. Limiting my wardrobe to just 30 pieces brought both peace of mind in its simplicity, yet creative fertilizer in its mixability.

Naturally, I was feeling pretty pumped to dig through my in-storage items, tucked away on the high shelf of my closet since May 31st. As usual, I dumped everything onto my bed, poured myself a wine glass of ice water (who says you can't stay classy without A/C?) and turned on my favorite playlist.

First, I reviewed each of my thirty June items, chucking some to laundry, some to storage, and a few special favorites back into my July consideration pile.

Then, I promptly snatched up all the pieces I've been dreaming about wearing since the NYC humidity reared its ugly head. (OH HEY, DENIM CUT-OFFS.)

Then I had a lil' squealing fit over a few clothes that I'd momentarily forgotten I even owned. (They don't call it "shopping your closet" for nothing!)

With my June experience fresh in mind, I felt fairly confident in selecting what I'd need for the next (sweaty) 31 days. But I was a bit disappointed to find last year's high-summer duds a bit more worn than I remembered. So there's some chance of this list shifting in one or two places as I replace those threadbare bits. (First I want to make sure I'm not just looking for an excuse to go shopping...)

I also chose to limit my nanny clusters in favor of expanding my weekend ones, as I have some days off this month.

Here's what came together:

JULY 2017  Sampler Wardrobe Selections

  • Work (Host) - 1
    • black & cream print tee blouse
    • off-white tee blouse
    • black a-line skirt
    • black & cream pleated dress
    • black Mary-Jane pumps
  • Work (Host) - 2
    • white black-tie tank bouse
    • periwinkle tunic tank blouse
    • cream & chocolate polka dot dress
    • black high-waist trousers
    • black oxford flats
  • Work (Nanny) - 1
    • pink dotted tank
    • white & black striped banana tee
    • olive cargo skinnies
    • gold sneakers
  • Work (Nanny) - 2
    • fuschia crochet-seam tank
    • chocolate tank dress
    • black lace-pattern shorts
    • olive green sandals
  • Weekend - 1
    • black & cream printed jumpsuit
    • floral print maxi dress
    • strawberry sundress
    • denim jacket
    • black cork wedges 
  • Weekend - 2
    • white cut-off tank blouse
    • pink floral-pattern crop tank
    • ((various camisoles))
    • white & green cardigan
    • white shorts
    • denim cut-offs
    • brown ankle boots

A little note on those "various camisoles" above.

First off, I'm really at a loss for what else to pair with those high-waisted cutoffs in the summertime.

Secondly, I consider camisoles to be something closer to underwear or pajamas, so I don't tend to include them in minimal wardrobe inventories. I've listed them here as one item, however, to remind myself that I need not purchase any tight-fitting tanks -- I have plenty at my disposal when I consider my underwear drawer. And real talk here: NYC humidity has a weird way of making you feel suddenly comfortable wearing stuff from your underwear drawer right out onto its frying-pan streets. So yes, I technically have a couple extra tops to choose from. But who am I to deny mom jorts their summer soulmates??

Happy Sampling!

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