Summer Playlist 2017

Welp, I almost let my laziness get the better of me, but I'm backdating this post (it's actually October as I write this) to keep my playlist tradition strong! I may be the only one who cares to remember what I'm listening to season to season, but for me music has always been the key to memories. Frequently when I'm feeling nostalgic I'll hunt down one of my playlists from years past, and let my mind run wild down memory lane while I walk through life at present. Anyone else? Anyway....

More HAIM, as I warned you there would be. A lot of lesser-known indie bands, as recommended to me by Spotify. A handful of songs deliberately sought-out for their 80s summer feel, since Glow let me fall more in love with that time period than ever. More from the bird and the bee, which featured heavily on our roadway singalongs through the West Coast this month.

The odd-one-out here is definitely Jamie xx's "Gosh" which my brother introduced to me and only grew on me over time. I love the breakdown in this track which starts about two and a half minutes in. It's weird and wonderful. It has that sad-meets-happy nostalgia that's perfect for these final months of summer. Kind of like this bizarre landscape I snapped on the train to Coney Island. Is it happy like Wes Anderson or sad like a communist-era foreign film? Who knows.

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