Thank you, Sherwin Williams

Oh. My. Colors.

My dreams have all come true.



You know about Songza, right? If not, check out this revolutionary personalized radio right now.

It reached a new level of awesome today when I found this under the category "Starring In A Rom Com"....

Ever wished you could walk into the screen of the classic '80s coming-of-age films by the late John Hughes? Well, now you've got your own personal soundtrack of iconic '80s teen-flick-worthy tunes. That's a start!


Travel Clothes

I'm particularly proud of my most recent outfit post on Chic Galleria.

Loosely inspired by The Beatles, putting this post together made me so wish I were flying back to London! I'm totally in love with this Panam bag, and I really want to try some Rag & Bone pants.

Click on the link above for details!


Photo Love

Every once in a while, I try to debulk my computer of all the random notes and pictures I'm wont to collect. I never fail to unearth some old favorites. In the interest of keeping them close to heart, I've chosen to share some here. Consider it my inspirsession for the past, oh, 5 years or so...

Cyndi Lauper and Pee Wee Herman. Just a great shot.

A splendid candid of the Downton cast.

The incredible, beautiful Jane Aldridge. I can't get enough of her unique style!

I don't even know what's going on here, but I want it NOW.

A personal hero.

Oh hey, 2009.

My Biblical name sake, and her true love.

I LOVE this.

Facebook. What a troll.

Another lady whose style I adore. Look at those Lennon lenses!

A fond flash of a beautiful day.

iPhoto, you flatter me...

This website is genius! I'm thinking a music-themed cocktail party is in order?

Zooey-lol-loley! Crazy how pointy my chin gets with blunt-cut bangs...

In case you needed any further proof that ALL THE COOL PEOPLE live in London.

Driving home with some old friends.

This was my desktop background for ages. It brightens my day about 3 shades every time I see it.

From Nowhere Boy. A recent watch, in the height of this month's Beatles obsession.

Scene from the synth-backed love montage in Say Anything.

Okay, I love a lot of movies.

Leftovers of my inner abstract self-portraitist; she who comes out only in saddest of summers.

Fact: George Harrison's first girlfriend never forgot what it felt like to kiss him. He probably could've treated Patty Boyd better, though.

This shot was taken in London by my friend, Silvio: a marvelous photographer. I look at it, and I remember who I am.




hashtag emo

"We call this ambiguous loss. 
There’s been a death, but it doesn’t involve a body. 
Like when a soldier goes missing, 
or a ransom slips into dementia. 
They’re gone, 
but yet, 
still here."
An uncharacteristically poetic moment of Pretty Little Liars. I finally have a term for what it feels like to have someone drop out of your life. Instead of simply "terrible."


Mistress May Stress

Sorry, guys. My thrift store month has gone totally corrupt. If I gave this month an honest title it would be "Pretty Little Liars" month, because my personal motivation to devour each and every episode available on Netflix has (sadly) outweighed motivation in any other category.

I will try to post something interesting soon. I will try to thrift and feel passionate again.

But today, my head's too heavy.

Filled up with crap I just can't write on a blog.


I'm gunna pop some tags...

Well, sorry kids, we're 1/3 of the way through May and I haven't posted a single update about thrifting! Let me assure you that last weekend I went to 3 shops in the University District and have already found my first treasure. As soon as I figure out a decent way to photograph myself, I'll get some outfit posts going for share-sies.

Here's my game plan:

-Goodwill, U-District
-Buffalo Exchange, U-District
-Red Light, U-District
-Crossroads, U-District
-Crossroads, Capitol Hill
-Pretty Parlor, Capitol Hill
-Value Village, Capitol Hill
-Lifelong Thrift, Capitol Hill
-Le Frock, Capitol Hill
-Red Light, Capitol Hill
-Goodwill, Central (Dearborn)
-Goodwill Outlet, Industrial Land

I also found this little gem:


"...says his top three Seattle thrift shops are:
1. The Goodwill bins at the Dearborn location
2. The Value Village on Capitol Hill
3. Red Light at Capitol Hill (not really a thrift store but hey, a cheap, vintage rose by any other name...)"

I can't argue with this:


May I?

It's MAY!!

I woke up this morning excited for a fresh start, but until 5 minutes ago I didn't remember it's THRIFT SHOPPING MONTH!!

I couldn't be more excited. First thing's first: I'm making a list of all the Seattle thrift/vintage stores to schedule time out to hit the best ones. I'll try to buy at least 4 great pieces and post my results!

Stay tuned for my mood meter month, which will have a month's worth of data this Saturday. Then I can create all sorts of line graphs to figure out just how manic I am.

I love being a nerd!

Happy May Day!!

P.S. Did I mention the ol' bf got me a mini rose for Valentine's Day? I've been taking care of that lately -- attempting to nurse it back to blossoming. So, April became something of a Gardening month, too. I learned about pruning, fertilizing, re-potting, and all the other tips and tricks to coercing my "Bud" back to life. Haven't tried singing to it yet... I don't want it to take over the city or something.