It's a telltale sign when I'm featuring outfits from five years ago that I'm swamped! Sadly my blog's taken a backseat to welcoming in the New Year and all its insanities. Until I get my head screwed on straight again, I hope you enjoy another Throwback post!

Back in freshman year, when I was still getting to know the city, my college friends and I used the holidays as an excuse to dress up and bus out to brunch -- usually to The Original Pancake House, which is Ihop's classy older sister.

For these chance outings, I could never resist unveiling one of my wardrobe wildebeests -- a bold minidress, a bright pair of tights, some chunky heels... In this case, though, I guess I pulled out all the stops. In wild defiance of the no-black-with-brown rule, I've punked up my tweed shorts with a leather jacket. My crimped hair could give Tapanga Lawrence a run for her money. The neon blue leopard print tights are really bringing out the 80s in my prized 'Roo boots (which I "rescued" from the TJ Maxx clearance rack and still can't bear to part with even though this is probably the last time they graced my feet.) And apparently I've decided this is also a right-fine day to feign wifehood.

I invite this wild abandon to absorb you in the coming weekend, you foxy souls. Find the wildest things you own and wear them. Wear them all at once.

Boots: KangaROOS
Shorts: Old Navy
Blouse: unknown

Tights: unknown   
Bag: Old Navy
Leather Jacket: Big Chill Vintage

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