W2015 1: Berries & Cream

W2015 1: Berries & Cream

Inspiration Image Source

Does anyone remember the Berries & Cream lad? That weird British fellow with the pageboy haircut who danced through Starburst commercials? It was just about the most WTF commercial of 2007. Anyway, he always comes to mind whenever someone mentions berries and/or cream.

From this inspiration image of blouse-and-skirt combos* in berry and cream shades, my first winter capsule outfit translated easily enough. Still, I might just as easily have taken inspiration from an image of whipped-cream-topped raspberries on a silver spoon! It just goes to show how many sources can offer up ideas when you're on the hunt for outfit-fodder.

It's worth re-mentioning that an a-line skirt with tights and boots has been a favorite uniform of mine since college. When I first embraced it, I tended to pair these items with basic tees or cardi-cami combos. In recent years, I've updated the look with a more sophisticated button-down blouse. This swap adds polish to what might elsewise be perceived as a casual silhouette. It also lends an air of authority -- after all, the collared shirt has long been associated with the male-dominated workforce. It never hurts to remind the world of this simple truth: "a skirt does not an inferior person make."

Happy Wednesday!

* "Yes, I'll take the blouse and skirt combo with a side of tights."

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