W2015 11: Boy Meets Girl

W2015 11: Boy Meets Girl

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As we discussed last Thursday, discovering your signature look takes lots of experimentation and trial-and-error practice. I've entertained a variety of girly-girl personalities, but in the end I always wind up back in jackets, jeans, and boots. There's just no denying I'm a tomboy at heart.

And so long as we're being tomboys, let's be teddy boys while we're at it. Quick History Lesson: The teddy boys were a subculture of 1950s Britain defined by their unique sense of style (which borrowed a great deal from Edwardian fashion) and rebellious attitudes. They might be likened to America's "greasers," of this same time. 

My interest in this particular look stems partially from my Beatles obsession; John Lennon was a well-known exhibitor of the teddy boy style in his youth. It also appeals to my sense of practicality. Most teddy boys (and girls) came from working class families, and were destined for factory or dock life by their mid-teens. Their clothes reflect this lifestyle, but they add the Edwardian whimsey for the sake of subversiveness.

I love that.

A little trick I love when you're going full tomboy: spritz a floral or vanilla perfume on your wrists and hair. It's surprising and (IMHO) dreadfully sexy.

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